How it Works

Is your current website not up to the job anymore?

Is the content out of date and the design looking a bit old-fashioned?

Or perhaps you know you should be on the internet but don't know where to start?

I'm here to help and to make your life easier.

"Carme took my rather vague ideas and helped me to focus them, in terms of the look of my site, to great success. And what's 'underneath' the exciting and charming exterior is an extremely hard working, high tech, machine that never lets me down. Carme certainly has her finger on the pulse of what's new and possible. I could not be happier and indeed more proud of how she's presented my business to the wide, wide world."

I am very proud of all my websites and have truly enjoyed the process of creating them. Hope you enjoy the journey too!

Here's a strategy I've found works:

  • We'll start with a chat about your project. I will ask you some background information about what you do and what you wish to achieve, who your target audience is, and what structure and features you would like to see on your website. The idea is to get a good overall picture of the project. Other information, though, such as your personal taste and views also matter.
  • Next, I will use the information provided to recommend solutions and prepare various layout ideas. You will get them on an email within a few working days, together with a budget and an estimate of how long the project would take to finish.
  • Once all has been agreed and you have provided all the necessary content (text, images, video, etc.) the work can start.
  • Throughout the work process, you will be kept up-to-date at all times.
  • Finally, you will have a chance to review the finished product before the website is launched and suggest any small last minute modifications or additions. I would let you know at this point if any of the suggestions are not as small as they seem and are likely to affect the budget or time scale estimate!

All the websites built are thoroughly tested before launch on all main internet browsers and platforms, mobile, tablet and desktop. They are also made to automatically adapt to the viewer's screen size, have the recommended tags for Search Engine Optimization and be compliant with Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.0 (Level AA).

I do not provide website hosting or domain name registration, but I can help you find the Internet Service Provider and the package best suited to your project by pointing out which things to look out for.

Please feel free to browse through a sample of my Projects or email me for more information.